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A trio of snacks for toasty winter mornings with individual bottling of Candied Pecans, Pumpkin Spice Granola and Speculoos Cookies. Packaged in a customised sleeve for a gift-ready box of treats.

$ 18.00

Festive Cheerio

Tigerlily’s gift set of everything anyone would want to receive on Christmas. Packaged in a ribbon-wrapped box, items include a must-have Christmas loaf, pound cake, festive snacks, a homemade spread and a box of artisanal tea.

$ 118.00

Fuzzy Christmas Hamper

The return of our customer favourite wreath bread but with an added aroma of sliced black winter truffles. Comes centred with a rind of Normandie camembert au lait cru AOP cheese that reveals an oozy layer of black truffles after a turn in the oven.

$ 62.00

Christmas Wreath Bread & Camembert w/ Shaved Truffles

Soft brioche pull-apart bread with rosemary, thyme and parsley.
Normandie camembert au lait cru AOP cheese. Will be advised to remove the little wooden basket of cheese and bake in the oven before placing it back in the bread wreath upon serving

$ 42.00

Christmas Wreath Bread & Camembert

Nothing brings a smile more than receiving a box of beautifully packaged hand-made cookies - even more so when it's a trio of delightful assortments. Each cookie gift set includes
a jar of Speculoos Cookies, Hokkaido Butter Cookies, and Chocolate Orange Macadamia Sablés.

$ 19.00

Christmas Cookie Gift Set

Classic poundcake folded with homemade pistachio paste and apricot bits. Glazed with a pistachio-tinged white chocolate and toppings of more apricot bits for a warming tartness.

$ 9.00

Pistachio Apricot Gâteau de Voyage

The Chocolate Poundcake gets a decadent update. Made with exquisite Valrhona 61% dark chocolate that give an intense but pleasant bitterness, finishings of crunchy cocoa crumble add a delightful crunch whether on its own, or with scoops of your favourite ice cream.


Chocolate Gâteau de Voyage

Pretty in pink poundcake with a lift of calamansi juice and raspberry bits baked in. Glazed in raspberry white chocolate, raspberry crispies and dried calendula petals.


Raspberry Calamansi Gâteau de Voyage

Comforting butter cookie spirals made from Hokkaido Butter for a morning or tea-time treat.


Hokkaido Butter Cookies

Chocolate sable dotted with candied orange peels and crushed macadamia nuts for a classic crunch that always brightens the mood.


Chocolate, Orange and Macadamia Sable

Speculoos cookies for a taste of holidays with your morning coffee. Based off traditional recipes, ours is rich in cinnamon flavour and spiced with a hint of grated ginger into a wonderfully caramelised and comforting crunch.


Speculoos Cookies

Whipped French artisanal barrel-churned butter studded liberally with Hokkaido shio kombu, promising Umami in every bite in an expression of land meets sea.


Shio Kombu Butter (200g)


Tigerlily’s version of the beloved Traditional Eurasian curry where we stashed our homecooked devil Curry Chicken into flaky pastry for a comforting spot of spice and tang.

$ 11.00

Devil Curry Chicken Pie

Herb-brushed Danish pastry ring centred with an earthy forest of sautéed chanterelles, portobello and swiss brown mushrooms in garlic butter and parsley. Topped with toasty textures of chestnuts and hazelnuts.

$ 8.00

Mushroom Wreath

Comforting quiche cupped with a medley of sautéed Swiss brown mushrooms, portobello, shimeji and truffles with thyme. Baked in a cheesy custard of gruyere and pan fried pancetta with an aromatic whiff of freshly sliced black winter truffles.

$ 68.00

Truffle Mushroom & Pancetta Quiche

Otah on a black croissant boat with homemade coconut frangipane and spicy mackerel otah from our neighbour, Joo Chiat Caphe. Topped with coconut mayo and bonito flakes for a sumptuous tropical taste.


Otah Sampan

Tart with creamy mascarpone, honey and scatters of walnuts and caramelised onions. Finished with a whiff of blue cheese.


Blue Cheese & Walnut Tart

Tart of heirloom tomatoes baked atop tomato concasse with pickled artichoke hearts.


Tomato & Artichoke Tart

A warming quiche centred with a medley of bacon, sautéed leek, caramelised onions and gruyere cheese.

$6 / $38

Bacon, Leek and Gruyere Quiche (Indiv / 7")


A miniature of last year’s log cake where we encased spiced French golden apples, green apple jelly and brown butter panna cotta in Valrhona 35% Dulcey mousse. Set on a crumble base with adornments of edible pearls and snowflakes.

$ 13.00

Mini Golden Apple Log Cake

Ornamental ball of genoise sponge with strawberry and suan mei (sour plum) compote. Coated in a strawberry and lychee mousse with shimmery gold flakes and an edible chocolate string.

$ 12.00

Red Bauble

A Japanese Christmas within a taco that wraps white sesame mousse, genmaicha and umeshu jelly heart between tart halves. Piped with matcha frills and adornments of shiso leaves and sesame seeds.

$ 12.00

Kurisumasu Taco

Eclair shaped dark chocolate and caramelised portobello mushroom cremeux brightened with apricot and thyme compote. Coated in a Valrhona 64% Tainori dark chocolate mousse with chocolate “truffle shavings” and gold pebbles.

$ 13.00

Forest Log

Blackforest Cake that alternates exquisite Valhrona Tulakalum 75% dark chocolate mousse, mascarpone whipped cream, chocolate sponge and Kirsch-soaked cherries.


Blackforest Cake

An all-round pistachio fun of homemade pistachio praline, frangipane, crispy feuilletine within a pistachio mousse ball.


Pistachio Marimo

Terrazzo-inspired decadence of pink guava cream and jelly with cubed fresh pears, encased in elderflower liqueur pear mousse with a decoration of edible shapes.

Contains Alcohol.


Pink Guava & Pear

Tigerlily’s signature citrus-bright hive of lemon, thyme and lychee honey jelly, light lemon sponge and honey parfait in a yuzu mousse encasing.


The Beehive


Tigerlily x Chin Mee Chin collaboration cake inspired by the iconic bakery's Kaya Toast that layers pandan sponge, Chin Mee Chin's signature Kaya spread and kaya crème diplomat with a finishing slather of salted buttercream.


TGL X CMC Whole Kaya Cake

Blackforest Cake that alternates exquisite Valhrona Tulakalum 75% dark chocolate mousse, mascarpone whipped cream, chocolate sponge and Kirsch-soaked cherries.


Blackforest Cake (14 / 18cm)

Tigerlily’s signature multi-layered chocolate heaven of Nocciola del Piemonte Hazelnut praline, rich Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate cream and a cacao nib tuille finishing.


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (16 / 20cm)

Log of hazelnut dacquoise with a homemade jam of fresh Spanish kumquats encased in an Ardèche chestnut mousse. Set on a crumble base and decorated with chestnut vermicelli, candied kumquats and chestnut bits.

$ 92.00

Oriental Mont Blanc Log Cake

Terrazzo-inspired decadence of pink guava cream and jelly with cubed fresh pears, encased in elderflower liqueur pear mousse with a decoration of edible shapes.

Contains alcohol.

$60 / $88

Pink Guava & Pear (14cm / 18cm)

Limited edition only!
Holiday staple of a gooey and crunchy pecan filling sweetened with treacle, smokey hint of whisky on a buttery base.


Pecan Pie (16cm)


Grilled croque monsieur with perks of kimchi, parma ham and an oozy triple cheese stack of brie, comté and caciocavallo.


Monsieur Kim

Sourdough toast with kaffir mayo dressed prawn and crab salad, avocado, lettuce and finishing pop of tobiko.


Ebi-Kani San

Split-top bun stuffed with pulled confit duck leg in hoisin mayo, and a refreshing crunch of mala pickled cucumber and carrots.


5 Spice Duck Confit

Charred eggplant steak with sticky soy glaze, basil pesto, ricotta and arugula on sourdough toast.


Eggplant "Unagi"

Chorizo, comté cheese, chilli jam.


Chorizo & Comté Croissant-Wich




Laminated pastry scroll with sour cherry and dark chocolate. Dotted with a decorative swirl of kirsch-soaked cherries and whipped chocolate ganache.

$ 7.00

Cherry Chocolate Curl

German Christmas Sweet Bread meets Pain au Chocolat. An adaptation where we stuff the traditional marzipan log, rum-soaked fruits, sliced almonds and an oriental Christmas spice mix into a laminated pastry.

$ 7.00

Laminated Stöllen

Signature Pain au Chocolat baked with an added layer of Piedmont Hazelnut frangipane and a generous swipe of hazelnut praline. Topped with more crushed hazelnuts for crunch.


Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant

Traditional Pain au Chocolat with homemade chocolate batons.


Pain au Chocolat

Traditional Kouign Amann with sugary crust and caramelised edges.


Kouign Amann

Almond praline-filled croissant draped with almond frangipane and slivers.


Almond Croissant

Brownie with a chewy mochi centre with Valrhona Ivoire 35% white chocolate and macadamia nuts.


Mochi Blondie

Buttery and flaky classic croissant.




Natural levain-raised whole-wheat sourdough.



Natural levain-raised white baguette.




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