• Tigerlily Patisserie

Former Michelin-starred restaurant head pastry chef opens her own virtual bakery Tigerlily Patissery

Chef Maxine Ngooi taps into various aspects of her life to create a botanical-themed, Asian-influenced menu of sweet and savoury treats.

October 9, 2020

It might have opened just two weeks ago, but the pastry boxes from new virtual bakery, Tigerlily Patisserie, has already been snagged up – till October 18.

The limited quantities available could be a reason why. Only a few – sweet and savoury boxes each comprising of four different bakes – are prepped fresh daily. 

These highly coveted treats are made by Maxine Ngooi, who used to cut her teeth at the now-closed one-Michelin-starred Vianney Massot Restaurant as head pastry chef. Luckily, with support from her former employer, the Ebb and Flow Group (which owned Vianney Massot), Maxine now has a bakery she can call her own.

The debut menu at Tigerlily Patisserie draws on the avid baker’s various life stages as sources of inspiration. According to Maxine, she tapped on her favourite food and various experiences for initial ideas. “Having some free time during the ‘circuit breaker’ allowed me to experiment with different kinds of pastries which I had wanted to try for quite some time,” she added. 

“Helping my mother with her home business, which serves Eurasian and Peranakan food, was also incredibly eye-opening,” adds Maxine. “I was reminded of all the beautiful Southeast Asian herbs and spices which I had taken for granted, and began to wonder how I could incorporate them in my pastries.” The result: special Asian-influenced bakes made using French pastry making techniques.

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